My Stock Ticker Widget is Broken :(

If you don’t see the familiar stock ticker above this post, this is why: The folks at widgetbox disabled the widget. Bummer. I really liked it. So I’m off to find another one.

The purpose of the ticker is not to get up-to-the-minute results from the stock market; rather, it’s to get people visiting the site interested in investing.

The price today of a stock you bought yesterday doesn’t really matter. We’re here to invest; we have an investing horizon of years, not hours or minutes. Anything less than months is speculation.

That’s not to say that once we buy a stock we don’t sell it. Sometimes the fundamentals go south and it’s bad to keep the stock. There’s no virtue in keeping a stock until it goes to zero.

But, for the most part, we buy stocks with the intention of keeping them for years.

I just liked the widget. Now, I’m sad 🙁


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