One Man’s Opinion: Jim Rogers on the Economy

Here’s legendary investor Jim Rogers’ take on the state of the economy, the stock market, the Fed, and commodities. Very interesting read.

Among other things:

  • Ben Bernanke and Alan Greenspan are fools
  • The Fed will fail. Just like the previous 2 central banks
  • There is a long-term bull market underway in agricultural commodities
  • Investment banks, now trading at 52-week lows, will fall even further when they’re hit by the bear market in stocks
  • The recession will come and go, but the Fed has made it worse than it needs to be
  • Index funds are the best way to play sectors, rather than trying to buy (or sell) options and futures individually

In short, it’s an article worth reading, if only for its contrarian viewpoint.

Along with George Soros, Jim Rogers earned his wealth and fame through the Quantum Fund, one of the earliest hedge funds. His opinions deserve to be respected, even if you think he’s wrong.

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