Does signing the back of a credit card matter?

The folks over at have written a story about whether signing the back of your card matters, in terms of fraud and identity theft. Basically, it does matter. But, then again, it doesn’t.

According to the article, both VISA and Mastercard require merchants to verify that the signature on the back of the card match the signature used when signing the credit card slip at the point of purchase. They also state that an unsigned card is invalid.

However, most merchants don’t look at the back of the card. Some people have resorted to writing “See ID” in the signature line. This may invalidate your card as well.

So, what to do? Sign the card. Also, write “See ID” on the back somewhere as well. If your credit card company offers it, get a photo emblazoned on the front of the card.

Not mentioned in the story: If you don’t sign your card, and just leave the area blank, anybody who gets your card can sign your name any way they want. When they sign the credit card slip at a business, their signature will match the one on the back of the card because they signed it!


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