Two for Tuesdays #8

Last week, we talked about what not to buy (bottled water and extended warranties). This week, we’ll talk about what to buy, both courtesy of Costco, the warehouse club.


The first thing you should consider buying through Costco is auto and/or home insurance. I just saved $500 per year over Allstate. I regrettably left Allstate after nearly 25 years because I am trying to cut costs as much as possible without suffering any detrimental defects. Costco offers such insurance through Ameriprise, an American Express company.

The initial set up was very easy. Call Ameriprise at 1-888-404-5365 and mention code 8A8. You’ll need your Costco number, your vehicle VINs, Driver’s License Number, number of miles you’ll drive in a year and a few other particulars about your driving habits.

Executive members get free roadside service.


Costco also offers a great car buying service. I’ve used it on my last two cars now and have been extremely pleased with the deals I got. Best of all, I didn’t have to haggle or feel like I got taken to the cleaners. Costco has relationships with virtually every vehicle manufacturer. Here’s a bonus tip on when to buy.

Buy last year’s model. Every dealer wants to rid itself of last year’s models so that they can sell this year’s models. Their Costco deals for these models are phenomenal. I’ve saved over $10,000 off list on each of my last two purchases through Costco.

That concludes this week’s Two for Tuesdays. Come back next week for another money-saving bonanza.


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