7 Millionaires in 7 Years!

7 Million in 7 Years
My blogging friend AJC, who authors the blog 7 Million in 7 Years, started a new site, called 7m7y, where he is going to share his extensive business knowledge and mentor 7 millionaires in the making for 7 years!

I don’t know how he’s going to do it, but he’s serious. And he seriously knows what he’s doing. He went from $30,000 in debt to $7 million in 7 years (hence, the name).

The result: I made 7 million in 7 years™ … and, I started out broke (actually, worse, with a failed business and owing $30,000!). Now, plenty of people have made (and then write books about) “how I saved myself to $1 Million”, “How I made $5 Million trading shares (OR insert the method of choice: buying property, OR starting an online business, OR ….]”. They can tell you how THEY (maybe) made millions and skim a few bucks from you for their “secret system”.

The difference is that I made millions in businesses (yes, a number), properties (some large, some small), joint ventures (a few), and in a few other ways, as well … I’ve saved and skimped my way to a fortune, but, I’ve also spent my way to a bigger fortune … I’ve been in good debt and bad debt. I’ve tried it all, done it all (OK, not all, but far more than most).

What I finally realized, after years of trial and error (more like trial and tribulation) is that there is a system to making money; most of the pieces are known, but have never been fully detailed and shared with the world … before.

Adrian is for real. And this is the real deal. Check out both of his sites and tell me you’re not inspired.

Here’s what the sister site, 7m7y is going to do:

Here, you will meet our 7 Millionaires in Training (MITs), and you will be able to follow along as they chronicle their own path/s to wealth. You will hear their stories and their problems, and – if you like – you will have the opportunity to offer your own advice (and, perhaps ask your own questions) along with AJC.

Best of luck to the 7 lucky Millionaires in Training!! I will follow along and see what I can learn. Will you join me?


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AJC @ 7million7years.com - May 6, 2008 Reply

Thanks for the mention, Bill! BTW: I haven’t yet decided who the 7MITs will be yet, so some of your readers may want to apply @ 7m7y.com …

Thanks again! AJC.

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