Need a Financial Calculator?

financial calculatorIf you’re like me, you often need to perform a calculation for something, but the mind (mine, at least!) being what it is, I often forget how to do it.

That’s why I love online financial calculators. They not only save time, but they’re fun to use to play “What If” games. As in, what if I quit smoking? How much money will I have saved (it’s more than you think)? Or, how much will that $2,000 I invested in an IRA when I got my first job grow to when I’m 70 (again, it’s more than you think)?

I’ve used quite a few online calculators in my day. One I came across recently is It not only has the garden-variety Savings Calculator, Mortgage Calculator, and Car Loan Calculator, but it also has the afore-mentioned Cigarette Quitting Calculator, the Pack a Lunch Calculator, and the Millionaire Calculator (try it here).

Here are some more useful online calculators:
Washington Mutual Mortgage Calculator

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