Hard Money in the San Francisco Bay Area

I just read this great article about hard money in San Francisco.

In case you didn’t know, hard money is money lent out to borrowers who may not meet the qualifications of a traditional lender like a bank. Most often, hard money refers to loans made against real estate property like residential homes, rental units, and commercial land and building development.

If you want to get the skinny on hard money lending in the San Francisco Bay Area, read this post about it.

It goes through everything there is to get your feet wet with respect to hard money and hard money loans (also called private money, by the way). It was written by a guy named Beau Eckstein, who you may have seen on a reality TV show on HGTV called “Flip It to Win It“. It’s a pretty cool show, where teams of two take on one another to see who can flip a house for the most profit.

It’s very entertaining and Beau’s team won the first round. It’s pretty amazing how much money changes hands in these house flips.

Anyway, Beau makes a ton of money flipping houses with other people’s money. You should give his site a read. He’s a real pro.

Beau Eckstein


Phone: (925) 852-8261


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