HUGE Equifax Data Breach

Last week, Equifax announced that their network had been hacked, revealing the Social Security Numbers, drivers’ license numbers, email addresses, and other personal information of their customer database.

143 million.

That’s how many people were affected.

That’s a big number.

And this breach will follow you around until you die.

It’s not like you can go get a new SSN. And even if you did, there’s a database table somewhere that would refer back to your old SSN…

The thing that really bugs me about the credit bureaus is that we are not the customers. We didn’t directly sign up for these schmucks to house our most private financial and personal data. Sure, you can point to the fine print and say every credit agreement says you’re giving them the right to do this.

But you’re not getting credit from them. I’d love to see Congress and the President pass a law that holds the banks giving the credit direct liability for data breaches. After all, that’s who you’re doing business with.

The banks and other lending institutions are the customers of the credit bureaus. And they don’t really care if the credit bureaus don’t keep your data safe; there’s nothing for them to lose.

The only way to combat this shit, IMHO, is to stop applying for credit. And that ain’t every going to happen.

How Consumers Can Clean Up After Equifax Disaster

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