May 23 Kids & Money Blog Carnival Announcement

I’ve extended the May 23rd carnival out a week simply because I ran out of time. So to reward you all for waiting, I will take the 7 best posts that were submitted to this carnival and post 1 each day for a week; and, I will also include the other great posts exclusive of the top 7 in their own post as well at the beginning of the week.

7 Best PostsIf you don’t see your post, come back each day until you do. Not seeing your submitted post means 1 of 3 things: I rejected the post (unlikely, using past experience as a guide); I missed it (due to getting so many posts and having too many coals in the fire); or, your post was one of the 7 best.

You’ll be able to stand out from the crowd.

I think that’s a fair deal. So keep on submitting pertinent Kids & Money posts!


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