Money Hacks for New Parents

Here are some money-saving tips for new parents. Being a new parent (twice now), I can vouch for this. Raising children is a very expensive proposition.

If you’re not “expecting” now, but want to have children, just go to BabysRUs and Target and see how much things cost.

  • Diapers — for 2 kids, over $100 per month
  • Daycare/pre-school — for 1 kid, full time $1500-1800, part time $800-1000
  • Food — Free for the newborn if nursing (use this if you can, but buy a high-quality breast pump to store milk in the freezer. Oh, yeah, buy a deep freezer too. More money)
  • Open a 529. College will cost $1 million in 20 years. Or something like that.

Kids are wonderful. But they’re expensive. And these are just expected bills. Wait for the trips to the ER. I’ve been there a lot with my two boys. It all adds up to…early stroke, heart attack, or looney bin.


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