Is the Economy Ever Going to Get Better?

US Treasury Cannot Print Money CorrectlyIt's been a long time since I've written here (Watch This (and This!)). What with my startup attempting to get off the ground and my kids consuming (positively, of course) more and more of my time, it's been difficult attending to all my blogging efforts.

Of course, a crummy economy should give me a lot to write about. But I'm one of those fellas who actually gets depressed (just like the economy!) on occasion about the gloom and doom and wonders, innocently,

Will the economy ever improve?

Jobs data was looking somewhat positive until the last report. We're heading into the holiday season, where most retailers finally hit black on their bottom lines for the entire year, and housing still sucks. Now we find that the US Treasury cannot even print money correctly!

What is the world coming to? I'd appreciate your thoughts.

(By the way, I'm ever the optimist. Sometimes, though, it gets pretty difficult to remain positive and not just start hoarding stuff and move to the country.)


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