Kids and Money — July 4, 2008: Independence Day

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Welcome to the July 4, 2008 edition of Kids and Money.

Post of the Week

Madison presents Teach Kids About Money – Top 14 Ways to Teach Kids About Money posted at Kids and Money, saying, “A great overview on teaching kids about money. Thanks for hosting! Madison”

Great tips on how to teach your kids about money. Simple, concise, clear. A perfect blueprint for doing it right!

Livingalmostlarge presents What working moms miss? posted at LivingAlmostLarge, saying, “Why is it that working moms miss everything? What about working dads?”

Jennifer Johnson presents Pregnancy-The State of Mind posted at

Jennifer Johnson gives some ideas on diapers, coupons, saving money, and generics in Saving Money at Home posted at

Aussie Investor presents Investing In The Stock Market To Grow Your Wealth posted at Money Management Personal Finance Blog, saying, “One of the best ways to build your personal wealth is by investing in the stock market (just look at Warren Buffett). This post contains some tips on how to get started with your stock investing endeavors.”

Stocks most likely will remain the best investment for small investors, even (because of?) in the current bear market.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents 10 Tips On Life and Disability Insurance: How And Why We’re Getting More posted at The Digerati Life, saying, “The ins and outs of insurance that you need to cover your family and your kids.”

We’re currently going through this exercise as well. Insurance is expensive, but it’s even more expensive to live through a catastrophe without it.

imarketing4s presents Top 10 Money Mistakes In Buying A Car | posted at

If you have kids, you most likely need a bigger car. We had to buy a bigger car than our Jetta and we settled on a Pilot, but no matter how you cut it, cars are expensive.

Neelakantha presents 8 Ways the Bush Administration Has Caused the Oil Price Boom posted at Currency

While this is not a political commentary blog (if you want that, go to Rants ‘n Reviews, where I go off on occasion about current affairs), if you think you got a tax break in 2001 and 2003, think where all that money has gone — in your gas tank.

Joy Harrison presents Loan scams: 6 loan pitfalls to avoid posted at Money Sense, saying, “Loan scams… we all know they exist, but that doesn’t mean we have to sit back and be victimized. Learn the six common loan pitfalls that we all should avoid.”

Sally Thompson wrote 101 Scholarships Just for Teachers posted at Teaching Tips.

KCLau presents Do you have the assets to pay for your liabilities? posted at KCLau’s Money Tips, saying, “An article on whether you have enough assets to pay off liabilities and how to create assets.”

Eva Campbell presents And another thing… posted at And another thing….

Funny story about thankless children; if you’re a child, please read this and learn. If you’re a parent, take this to heart.

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