Play Hockey? Flying to or from Canada? Save $80 Per Bag

Talk about inane policies! Hockey is a BIG DEAL in Canada. Of course, you know this. But did you know this?

Air Canada charges its passengers fees to transport oversize luggage. This is becoming the de facto standard across all airlines. However, there’s a trick to getting your bags flown for free: Pack hockey gear.

That’s right. Pack some shoulder pads or a helmet and you’re oversize bags are exempted from the obligatory fee.

From Seth Godin’s Blog:

Air Canada, which my readers generally concur is the single worst major airline in North America, has a fascinating policy. No oversized duffel bags, regardless of weight, unless they contain hockey gear. No shin guards, you pay $80 a bag.

Crazy? Yes. But you’d be crazy not to pick up a pair of hockey gloves, if you ask me.

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maria - July 25, 2008 Reply

How does Air Canada get away with that?

billspaced - July 25, 2008 Reply

It’s probably a law in Canada that you must accommodate participants in the national past time, just like we do here with our thug football, basketball, and baseball players (drugs, violent crime, and steroids, to mention but a few)…

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