Tipsy Tuesday — How to Remember Stuff

One thing I’m sure to do is forget to take something when I run errands. You know, a return at Target (or the receipt), the key you need to get a copy of at Orchard Supply, the grocery list, etc.

My wife and I have established a system that consists of the following complex set of components:

  • A box
  • Dining room table (optional)

The box is on the dining room table near our front door. We place our car/house keys there and anything else we want to take with us. It’s impossible for us to go very far without our car keys, since we run almost all our errands with the car. So placing the keys in the same box as where we put all of the stuff we want to take with us helps us “remember” those things.

It’s not full-proof, of course. We could forget to put something in the box. However, we don’t run many errands and putting things in the box over the course of the week gives us time to remember those things that we really need to deal with.

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