Schneier on Security: LifeLock and Identity Theft

Noted security guru Bruce Schneier wrote a piece that somewhat dispels the notion that LifeLock’s product is lacking in the security department. In case you don’t remember, LifeLock’s CEO drives around with a big van, where his social security number is boldly displayed on the sides of the vehicle. LifeLock has been sued; various claims that the company doesn’t do what it promises, that the CEO’s own identity has been stolen, among other things, have come to light.

Up until a few months ago, I was running ads for LifeLock; when the lawsuits were filed, I pulled them. Once the dust settles, I may reinstate them (as if they need my approval!).

Schneier pretty much discredits all the claims in this article: Schneier on Security: LifeLock and Identity Theft

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