Microsoft Will No Longer Sell Money at Retail Stores

I’m not sure how this affects you, but I’m sure this will impact Microsoft’s retail partners in a significant way: Microsoft yanks Money off retail shelves

That’s right, Money will not be sold on store shelves any more. The only place to get Money is online (it’s unclear whether it will be through MS only, or a variety of places online; what is clear is that the packaged, shrink-wrapped package will no longer be sold).

This is a step in the right direction. The trend for digital downloads is way up (Microsoft reports that sales of the digital version of Money equaled the packaged version, up from a 1:3 ratio the year before), it saves Microsoft a ton of money, not just in packaging but in picking up the software that doesn’t sell (and then what?).

Plus, software in a package is so yesterday. For the consumer, it’s just much more convenient to download and buy: No trips to the store, no waiting for the mail, no boxes to throw away, etc.

One tip for digital downloads: Make a backup right away and store it on disk (CD or DVD). DO NOT BUY THE BACKUP THAT THE VENDOR OFFERS. Number one, it’s a waste of money. You CAN do it yourself. Second, you’re kind of defeating the purpose of the digital download in that the vendor is still sending a physical product through the mail (or UPS, FedEx, etc.).

Is Quicken next? 


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