Money Problems? Life Issues? Remember This: It Gets Better

Often, we place money at the forefront of our lives. In fact, it seems as though money makes the world go ’round. I have a companion site to this one that’s entitled, Your Money Is Your Life.

Having money, and, more importantly, knowing what to do with it, makes life easier. You can afford to go on vacations or to buy safe organic food for your babies. You can buy your wife a ring to commemorate your tenth anniversary, to show her you care.

You can afford private schools. Or tutors. Or a fuel efficient, safer car than your 1986 Camry beater.

But money is not the “Be all, end all.” There are many families who make less than you who are happier and can save more. They have a retirement fund. Their children will be able to attend a good college. They plan. They have different priorities.

Life sometimes hits you right between the eyes. Your mother could be stricken with cancer. Your child may get involved with drugs. Your wife could leave you. Remember this:

“No matter what horrible thing you’re going through, when it’s all over it only takes three seconds to sum it up. Remember that.”

This comes from one of my favorite non- personal finance blogs, dooce. There is light at the end of a tunnel. And it’s not a locomotive coming your way. Think about your issue. Make a plan. Execute the plan. Reflect on it. Refine it as you learn more and make progress.


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Andy - September 4, 2008 Reply

A great sentiment worth remembering in times like we are in now. Great to your blog as well.

billspaced - September 4, 2008 Reply


Thanks for the comment. I hope that my “hopeful” message will help. I’m thinking of doing a whole series on this. Do you think it’s worthwhile?

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