My Love-Hate Relationship with Blog Carnival Is Over

My affair with Blog Carnival is over. Their database has been “unavailable” now for at least 3 days! I work in tech; there’s no friggin’ way their database could be down for 3 days, unless they’re complete IDIOTS.

And you know the best part? Their home page loads. It has a “contact us” link. Guess what happens when you click it?

Blog Carnival Totally BlowsNothin’.

So, I guess they’re idiots. I don’t want to associate with idiots, so I guess I’m out.

Now, the service is free, so I’m getting what I paid for. The question now becomes, How do I conduct these carnivals (Kids and Money)? Is there a viable alternative? I’d be willing to consider paid if it meant I’d get reliable service…


Money isn’t everything. It’s the only thing. Wait. That’s only for football.
Enjoy life. Spend time with your family.


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Mark M - October 30, 2008 Reply

Thanks for the heads up. I never got service either, when sending an inquiry. I also need an alternative…no wonder I haven’t been getting any posts.

billspaced - October 30, 2008 Reply

No kidding, Mark! Let’s hope some readers give us some good alternative suggestions!

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