6 Unusual High-Paying Careers

The state of the economy (and here) being what it is, many of us will find ourselves out of a job this year or next, if not already (I got my walking papers early this month, but I’m “lucky” in that I’ll probably keep my job through July 2009, and there’s always a chance I can find another between now and then).

It may be time to update the old resume and even consider alternative employment arrangements (Learning to Earn, Ten Commandments, 7 Things). You really can make money online but it takes a lot of work. I daresay more work than in a traditional “9 to 5” job. My hours are more like 6 am to 12 am, off and on, a little here, a little there. When my work location moves to San Francisco, and I have to take BART (a train), I’ll begin working on my ebooks, (Stock Investing Basics and The Hard Gainer’s Manifesto, two VERY different books for VERY different audiences, among many others). I’ll have about 2 hours every day to devote to these specific projects.

You may also consider changing careers. I’m looking into getting certified as a personal trainer. It would be a core component of my budding fitness and exercise business. I believe that I can, with all of my experience, begin a lucrative consulting business in the health industry. I just have to decide which certification is best to begin with.

Along those lines, here are 6 Unusual High-Paying Careers that might give you some ideas about a different career.


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