Freddie Mac Acting CFO David Kellermann Found Dead (Update5) –

Man, suicide is never the way, but I certainly hope it wasn’t over something as trivial as his job.

He obviously inherited a horrible work situation. But when you’re at the bottom, there’s only one way to go – up.

He could have been a star just by bringing everything out into the open and then watching as his company soared on any good news.

Of course, I don’t know why he did it (or if he did it); there’s a bazillion other stupid reasons to take a life.

April 22 (Bloomberg) — Freddie Mac Acting Chief Financial Officer David Kellermann, 41, was found dead early today in the basement of his home in a Washington suburb, police said.

In any case, it’s sad to hear.

Freddie Mac Acting CFO David Kellermann Found Dead (Update5) –


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Foxwood - April 22, 2009 Reply

Barney and Chris have a fall guy. I wonder if he’s ever been to Fort Marcy Park?

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