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Lodgepole Fund No. I, LLC’s John Simonse Continues Streak of Strong Returns with 7th Consecutive Year of Double-Digit Net Returns

CONCORD, Calif., March 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Lodgepole Fund No. I, LLC just closed out its seventh consecutive year of 10+ percent net returns, attributing its consistent performance to strong and experienced management and employees.

“This is the seventh consecutive year that Lodgepole Fund has earned a net return of over 10 percent for its Members,” says John Simonse, President of LHJS Investments, LLC, and one of the Managing Members of Lodgepole Fund No. I, LLC.

Simonse went on further to explain, “Most real estate loan investment funds return at most 6-7% net to their Members. The fact that Lodgepole Fund has returned over 10% for 7 years running is nothing short of extraordinary.”

When asked how Lodgepole Fund was able to complete this feat, Mr. Simonse stated, “We have a very strong management team and a very strong staff who have been with us for over 10 years. What is really amazing is that over this time period we have also not had one foreclosure of a loan.”

Asked how an individual could invest in Lodgepole Fund, Mr. Simonse stated, “Right now the Fund is closed to new Members. However, we will be looking to raise new capital this summer.”

About Lodgepole Fund No. I, LLC

Lodgepole Fund No. I, LLC has been providing construction and development loans to builders and developers in California since 2010. Lodgepole specializes in providing construction loans for high-end residential homes.

About John W. Simonse

John Simonse has been actively involved in the development and investment in Real Estate in the San Francisco Bay Area for nearly 40 years. He has personally overseen the funding and management of over $1 billion in loans and development projects. Currently Mr. Simonse actively manages a portfolio with a value of over $200 million, which includes three real estate loan investment Funds.

Mr. Simonse graduated with highest honors from the United States Merchant Marine academy with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Marine Engineering. His father, Herman Simonse, was a renowned real estate developer in New Jersey, who just recently retired at the age of 86! John Simonse followed in his father’s footsteps by buying his first property at the age of 20.

After graduation from the Academy, Mr. Simonse worked for the Department of Defense and was a lieutenant in the United States Naval reserve for 10 years from which he was honorably discharged.  Mr. Simonse also worked in the U. S. Merchant Marines, where he sailed on cargo ships to over 65 countries and attained a United States Coast Guard license of Chief Engineer of Steam, Diesel, and Gas Turbine Engines of Unlimited Horsepower. After retiring from the Merchant Marines, Mr. Simonse concentrated in real estate and formed his first real estate Investment fund in 1999.

Mr. Simonse has been successfully managing real estate investment funds and development projects ever since. He currently resides in Danville, CA with his wife Annie and their brood of 6 children.


John W. Simonse
Lodgepole Fund No., I, LLC
Phone: 925-603-0433

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One in Four Americans Have Been Victims of Healthcare Data Breach

26 percent of Americans have had their medical info stolen, and get this — half the victims had to pay an average of $2,500 in out-of-pocket costs per incident!

What a crock…

One in four Americans (26%) have had their medical information stolen, and these breaches can be quite costly, according to recent research from Accenture. Half the victims had to pay an average of $2,500 in out-of-pocket costs per incident.

The Accenture 2017 Healthcare Cybersecurity and Digital Trust Research, which surveyed 2,000 U.S. consumers, found that hospitals accounted for 36% of these breaches. Urgent care clinics (22%), pharmacies (22%), physician’s offices (21%) and health insurers (21%) rounded out the list.

Among those who experienced a breach, 50% were victims of medical identity theft. Information taken in the breaches included social security numbers (31%), contact information (31%) or medical data (31%). This stolen information was most often used to purchase items (37%) or used for fraudulent activities, such as billing for care (37%) or filling prescriptions (26%). Unlike credit card identity theft, where a card issuer has a legal responsibility to cover losses above $50, medical identity theft victims do not have an automatic right to recover losses.

Source: One in Four Americans Have Been Victims of Healthcare Data Breach

TurboTax is fast…

Turbo Tax (and of course MANY other applications) do this regularly, to make it seem like the app is actually “working,” rather than do what it does far better than humans – math!

Turns out, lots of apps like Turbo Tax have fake “thinking” animations or progress bars. Because people don’t trust technology.

Source: TurboTax is fast…

TSLA Stock: This Billionaire Claims Tesla Could Be Worth A Trillion Dollars By 2025

For the past few years, the world bore witness to the birth and growth of one of the most ambitiously futuristic companies ever — Elon Musk’s tech company Tesla, Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA). Although Tesla experienced a lot of ups and downs, it’s not so far-fetched to think that its strategic moves are paying off, and that its investors will be reaping the benefits. And it’s not just Musk who believes so.

One of Tesla’s most notable investors is billionaire Ron Baron whose company Baron Capital Management owns around $300 million worth of Tesla shares. Baron is well-known for his buy-and-hold attitude when it comes to stocks. That simply means he buys stocks on a long term basis. In the case of TSLA, he is planning on holding out for the next 13 years at least as he believes the ticker has nowhere to go but up.

Source: TSLA Stock: This Billionaire Claims Tesla Could Be Worth A Trillion Dollars By 2025