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Five ideas to create jobs that are so crazy they might just work

With unemployment stuck above 9 percent, Washington is trying to “pivot to jobs” once again. And already the discussion feels tired. The White House’s much-hyped ideas don’t seem bold enough, and Republicans have had little to offer aside from the idea that reducing government regulation will somehow let the free market work its magic.

A range of less conventional ideas for creating jobs can be found beyond the narrow Washington conversation, however. They aren’t necessarily politically correct–but that doesn’t mean they would not be effective. It’s not like anything else we’ve been trying lately has been working.

Here are five of the best so-crazy-they-just-might-work ideas to get the economy back on track.

1. Bulldoze excess housing stock

The struggling housing sector continues to exert a drag on the economy as a whole.

Five ideas to create jobs that are so crazy they might just work | The Lookout – Yahoo! News
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Bush Tax Cuts Compromise

NEW YORK ( — The compromise on the Bush tax cuts announced Monday night between President Obama and Republicans could cost between $600 billion and $800 billion if ultimately signed into law — no sure thing given opposition from many Democrats.

Bush tax cut deal and surprise stimulus – what they cost – Dec. 7, 2010

This is a good thing. While I didn’t agree with the Bush tax cuts at the outset, I do believe that letting the tax cuts expire will in fact be perceived as a tax increase and I do not believe governments should increase taxes during economic downturns.

It’s like shooting yourself in the foot. Just plain stupid and/or careless.

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US Taxpayers to Make $12 Billion Profit on Citigroup Bailout

WASHINGTON – After all is said and done, taxpayers will make a $12 billion profit on the government’s $45 billion bailout of Citigroup.

The Treasury Department said late Monday that it had struck a deal to sell its remaining holdings in Citigroup common stock, about 2.4 billion shares. With the proceeds of the sale, priced at $4.35 a share, the government will have realized $57 billion on its bailout package for the big bank.

Gov’t: Taxpayers make $12B on Citigroup bailout – Yahoo! News

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