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TurboTax is fast…

Turbo Tax (and of course MANY other applications) do this regularly, to make it seem like the app is actually “working,” rather than do what it does far better than humans – math!

Turns out, lots of apps like Turbo Tax have fake “thinking” animations or progress bars. Because people don’t trust technology.

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How to Fix the Tax Code

How to fix the tax code: Remove corporate, payroll, income, and investment (dividends and capital gains). Replace with a national sales tax.


National lottery

Sales tax has to be calculated carefully to replace the lost tax revenue attributable now to the current taxes. Additionally, the sales tax should be made to be "progressive" – necessities are taxed at 0 or the lowest rates, luxuries at the highest rates. This is an easy exercise.

National lottery is "extra." It pays for the additional obligations we're faced with from social security and Medicare due to the aging population.

And it's mostly financed by old people who spend their social security now on state lotteries and bingo anyway 🙂

New Money Hacks Store

I just added a new store to the Money Hacks site. I know, I'm a little late to the party, but that's my MO! 🙂

It's hosted by Amazon and it's filled with hundreds of personal finance books from authors like Jim Cramer, Andrew Tobias, George Soros, Peter Lynch, and Jim Rogers.

Check it out. There's still time to order before Christmas (I can say that, right)!

Kids and Money — November 27, 2009

Will I ever catch up? Will you ever read all this? 🙂

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Kids and Money — November 26, 2009

More of my catching up…

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