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Learn to Bargain | Pay Less for ANYTHING

Follow just a few of these suggestions and save thousands!

1. New Car
When: November or December
Why: Don’t, as many experts advise, buy this year’s model in late summer when next year’s models hit. There’s a year of depreciation on it already. Instead, wait a few months and buy the new model late in the year, when dealers are antsy to hit their year-end numbers. “Look for the vehicle in the far corner of the lot that hasn’t been washed,” suggests Jack Nerad, the executive editorial director for Kelley Blue Book. That means the dealer doesn’t consider the car a profit maker.

4. Jewelry
When: Monday morning, in summer
Why: You’ll be the only customer. “You can always save 10 percent on jewelry,” says Ken Gassman, president of the Jewelry Industry Research Institute. “But you can save as much as 20 percent if you negotiate when you’re alone.”

5. Clothes
When: January 31 or August 31
Why: “Retailers are looking to make their monthly sales numbers and clear inventory to make room for new spring or fall lines,” says Marshal Cohen, chief retail and fashion analyst with NPD, a research firm. Shop when the store is empty and you’ll save up to 75 percent, Cohen says.

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Sometimes, even I amaze me! I stupidly disabled the “Commenting” feature of WordPress on some (all?) of my posts here.

Man, I’m glad I figured out how to turn that back on!

Happy Father’s Day!

Something to Watch Out For

I don’t know how prevalent this practice is, but it’s worth being informed. This company, which goes under the aliases of Ad Con, Premier Impressions, and Premier Map Company, claims it’s working with local Chambers of Commerce when it calls you and tries to remove you from your money.

I originally saw this story on Seth Godin’s blog (which I read frequently), and checked out the links he provided. I suggest you do the same.

It’s despicable how businesses do this and even more reprehensible that our government, intent on tracking down baseball players who take steroids and AIG executives handing out bonuses to employees, doesn’t seem to do a damned thing about it.

Scamsters – An Alert to Businesses – Universal Ad CON
Map scam targets local Chamber members: Times Argus Online