Financial crib sheet

From Parade magazine comes one of the most important money hack articles you will ever read (READ it, please, and then DO it!). The idea is that you should have document (in three copies, one for you and your spouse, one for your lawyer and/or best friend, and one for a relative in another region of the country/world) that lists all your financial arrangements: Will, bank info, investments, beneficiaries, etc.

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How to avoid "pretexting"

Wired News has an informative article about how not to lose your money, identity, and other critically important pieces of information about yourself. While I don’t fully support all of the suggestions in the piece (e.g., don’t pay bills online), I do agree that one can never be too safe. You have to balance security and convenience to a point where you are comfortable.


Great news on the retirement fund front

Suze Orman, over at yahoo!Finance, has a great article that lists out the new benefits of the The Pension Protection Act of 2006 for 401k, IRAs, and other investment vehicles. It’s a good synopsis of all Congress, and the President, did right with pension reform.