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Economy on the Rebound?



Hey, look, there’s hope on the horizon! The Obama administration is sounding a bit more optimistic lately, as they should –

  1. The stock market has shown 5 weeks of gains.
  2. Some of the “bailout” money is being paid back, as banks determine they are “out of the woods” (and only in the sticks).
  3. Some banks are betting their earnings improve – some like Wells even showing a profit – which is a GREAT sign. Once all the “toxic assets (liabilities?) are accounted for, we can move on.
  4. Money from the stimulus package should start rolling out soon, further bolstering the economy
  5. We’ve moved past fighting wars with countries that have no money. Now we’re fighting pirates! In victory, we should get some loot, jewels, gold, and silver. Right?

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