By Bill Davis

July 8, 2022

We all want to make more money. For many entrepreneurs, one of the principal reasons they got into entrepreneurship was to make more money than they could working for someone else, while doing so on their own terms. While that's the dream, it's not always the reality — at least not right away.

So, if you're struggling to navigate inflation or experiencing challenges in your primary source of income, what can you do to protect your wealth and create more? We've got some suggestions.

1. Create an Investing Budget

Whether you get paid bi-weekly, monthly, or you have money trickling in from clients all the time, you should have a plan for that money. Before you go and spend it all, make sure you set aside a comfortable percentage for investing — and then invest right away.

Money that's in the stock market is working for you more than it will in a savings or checking account, so it behooves you to invest what you can before you spend it on something else.

Source: 5 Ways to Grow Your Wealth Quickly and Effectively
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